Felted Eco Wool Scraps



Carolina Morning Designs is happy to offer Eco Wool Scraps to our customers, by the pound. This is the same wool we use in our futons. Our wool is what’s called “wool cloth barrier,” and is a natural, off-white color. Wool is an excellent stuffing material, providing both warmth and a moisture-barrier. Wool is also a natural flame retardant. Our wool is Eco Wool; the sheep used to provide our wool are treated humanely, and are rotated from field to field to allow vegetation time to recover and to help cut down on soil erosion. Also, the soaps used on our wool are biodegradable and gentle. We offer narrow and wide wool scraps; narrow wool scraps are $4.50 a pound, or 5 pounds for $20, and wide wool scraps are $8.50 a pound, or $40 for 5 pounds.

Felted Eco Wool Scraps
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